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Fairmount Park Elementary

Fairmount Park Elementary



April 9th- Information Meeting for Parents 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Alki Elementary School
This is a meeting intended for parents who are considering FP and have yet to attend one of the evening sessions.  


If you would like to help assist the planning teachers in a 6-hour process of creating a first draft of our school vision and three-year work plan, scroll to the bottom of the page and download the "FP_Vision_Plan" document for all the details.

Kindergarten Families:

2014-2015 Kindergarten at Fairmount Park confirmed on 2/27/14 to be free full-day kindergarten for all families!


Scroll down to the bottom to download a pdf document about this week-long before school option for incoming Kindgergarten families Aug. 18-22.

Scroll down to the bottom to download pdf documents from the district regarding Advanced Learning Opportunities for APP and Spectrum testing.

Parents interested in *interviewing for teachers should check the schedule below and email Ms. Breidenbach with your availability:

Hiring Schedule

Parents Needed to Help with Administrative Secretary Interviews!   
If you have completed the district training and are available from 4:15-7:00 on Monday, March 31st, please email Julie Breidenbach @  Interviews will be held at Schmitz Park School.

*Parents needed to participate on spring hiring teams!  This training is required if you would like to participate:

Human Resources: Site-Based Hiring

Construction Update

Fairmount Park opened in 1964 and closed in 2007. Renovations will modernize the building and add a 12-classroom addition.

The project includes complete renovation and modernization of the existing building and construction of a 200-seat classroom addition. This project addresses current and projected elementary enrollment growth in West Seattle by adding capacity of 500 seats.

For details, click here:

Parent Information Nights
Future Meetings- there will be future meetings scheduled at the end of March, April, May, and June for community updates.

FAQ for Parents 
(you can download this document in the files section at the bottom of the page)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Is kindergarten free for 2014-2015 for all students?
A:  Yes.  This is a recent announcement so disregard any information showing that FP is a Pay for K site.

Q:  What students are guaranteed space at FP for kindergarten?
A:  All students (K-5) living in the FP geozone are guaranteed space at FP.

Q:  Will non-geozone kindergarten students be admitted?
A:  Some will based on how many people enroll their children at FP for next week.  There are no historical trends for the school in order to make a prediction.   On 3/4/14, Ms. Breidenbach was notified that siblings do not get preference.   Distance and a low lottery number determine priority.

Q:  Is APP guaranteed for qualified students?
A:  Yes.  All APP qualified students in the Denny and Madison feeder zone will receive an automatic assignment if parents enroll them.

Q:  Is Spectrum guaranteed for all qualified students?
A:  Updated 3/5/14 - Students in the Madison service area have priority assignment over those in the Denny area.  Our hope is that numbers are such that all FP Spectrum students that are enrolled in the Open Enrollment timeframe will receive a seat.  However, should there be an extraordinary number of Spectrum students enrolled during that time, there could be some students put on the initial wait list.  Because we have no historical trends to guide us in this area, we have to wait and see what happens during open enrollment. 

Q:  What specialists will be building have next year?
A:  The building will have a librarian, a music teacher, a PE teacher, a bilingual teacher, a resource room teacher for SM1 students in special education, and if enrollment is over 300 possibly an art teacher.

Q:  What is the start time?
A:  Students begin school at 8:45 and will dismiss at 2:55.

Q:  Can we tour the building now?
A:  The site will be under construction until the end of July.   SPS then needs to move in all the supplies, furniture, equipment, and materials needed to fill the building.  The school has scheduled an Open House on Tuesday, September 2nd, from 4-6 to tour the building and meet the teachers.

Q: Our incoming kindergartner will be assigned to FP, but we have an older child at another West Seattle elementary school. What should we do if we want our younger child to attend the same school as her older sibling?
A: If siblings of FP-assigned students attend another school and families want all siblings to attend that school, complete, and submit an 
Open Enrollment Choice Form during the SPS Open Enrollment period (February 24 - March 7, 2014).

Q: If I live in the FP geographic assignment area and want my child to attend FP for the 2014/2015 school year, but my child currently attends another school -- what do I have to do?
A: If your child is in the geographic assignment zone for FP, but currently attends another school, s/he will be automatically assigned to FP when you complete, and submit an 
Open Enrollment Choice Form during the SPS Open Enrollment period (February 24 - March 7, 2014).

Q: Will the school have a before and after school provider on site?
A: Yes. We expect there will be space for 30 students. Ms. Breidenbach will work with district officials to form a hiring team -- that will include parents -- to interview the finalists. Once the provider has been selected, we will put its information on the website. We anticipate selecting a provider and posting information by the end of April.

Q: Who will be eligible for bus service to Fairmount Park?
A: Students outside the FP walk zone (typically 1 mile) will be provided transportation as long as they are still in the FP geographic zone.   APP students from any of the WS areas will be transported if they are outside of the FP walk zone.  NEW 3/4/14 - Spectrum students in FP and Gatewood geozones are guaranteed placement.  However, Spectrum students in other geozones will most likely get transportation on a space available basis.  (Very high likelihood that there will be space available.) 

Q: How do I contact Ms. Breidenbach if I have a question?
A: Ms. Breidenbach is currently housed in a cubicle at the central offices. 
Email her and she will respond to your questions. If you would like to speak with her on the phone, call 252-0160 and leave a message.

Q: What math program will be used at FP?
A: FP will use 
the math program that is newly adopted by SPS. Should something go awry during the selection/adoption process, enVision math will be purchased and used for all classrooms.

Q: Will the school have a bilingual program?
A: Yes. Bilingual students will have access to services at FP.

Q: What special education services will be available at FP?
A: At this point, all we know is that students who need resource room support will be served at FP as they are at every SPS school. Ms. Breidenbach has requested further information regarding self-contained classrooms, but is awaiting information from the central special education office.

Q: How is the library being prepared?
A: Ms. Breidenbach has been notified that $140,000 will be spent on purchasing approximately 9,000 books for the library.

Q: What technology is planned for the building?
A: The computer lab will hold 32 student work stations. Classrooms will have 4-6 computers in each room.

Q: What type of music programs will be available?
A: General music classes will be provided for all students. All fourth and fifth grade students can elect to learn an instrument. Choir will be available for all students in grades 1-5.

APP/Spectrum Questions

Q: Do all qualified APP students have to attend FP next year? 
A: APP-qualified students have the option to attend either Fairmount Park or Thurgood Marshall.

Q: Will Spectrum students join APP rooms or general education rooms?
A: Parents of Spectrum students have the option to place their students in the APP rooms or general education rooms.

Q: What curriculum will be used in APP classrooms?
A: The 
APP curriculum will be used for all subjects. Typically reading and math are two years ahead of grade level.  The science program is different from the SPS regular science program and significantly so in grades 4 and 5. 

Q: What curriculum will be used for Spectrum-qualified students?
A:  Spectrum-qualified students will have access math at one or two grade levels ahead -- walk-to-math will be designed so that students can walk to an appropriately challenging math program.

Q: Will there be spring testing for residents of West Seattle? 
A: Yes. Details are currently being finalized, but if an SPS student has reading and math MAP scores from Spring or Fall of 2013 that are at the 95% or higher in both subject areas, he/she will undergo cognitive testing. (Ms. Breidenbach is currently working with Advanced Learning to find a way to include private school students -- who do not have achievement scores from MAP -- in the spring testing session. Also, details of an appeals process still need to be established.) As information becomes available, it will be posted on this website.


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3800 SW Findlay Street
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Principal:Julie Breidenbach


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School Building History

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Working Calendar of Fairmount Park Dates DRAFT SUBJECT TO CHANGE
FAQ for incoming parents and families as of 03/05/14. *This document is updated often...
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APP and Spectrum form
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ALO testing information for Fairmount Park families
Opening Letter from the New Fairmount Park Principal
Info about Jumpstart Kindergarten Aug.18-22

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